Saturday, February 12, 2011


sigh. new case hari ini di Malaysia!

I don't really know how they could done this thing at a busy traffic pedestrian walkway. like seriously. eff. "choose between me or klcc?, she chose KLCC"  gile lah kan. and duddeee; this is Malaysia! M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A! and sorry guys; you wronged! this is not new york. just because you went to pavilion. lolz 

PS. ignore the politics part. 

thanks for everything.


im busy doing my preparation for finals. not yet. gonna start today!

I was so low, today. and I am

had a hard time right now. 

its look like I've lost my hope. 
and and foundation. seriously!

this week is the last week in school. dan of course, library penuh sesak, orang tak keluar makan sebab nak belajar << entah apa apa kan. so, before the war begin, hopefully, I can give all-out today, for calculus preparation. and then, boleh start baca buku and other stuff. 

pray for me guys. << walaupun aku tahu, takde orang baca blog ini. kfinebye.assalamualaikum.

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